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For over three decades Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis is dedicated to offering high-quality, on-schedule, and cost-effective repair, services, and parts for steam, gas, and industrial turbines and generators that result in repeat business and positive customer feedback.

Meinecke Mechanical Turbine Water Meters Buy from Cross

For over 100 years, the H. Meinecke Company has been manufacturing mechanical turbine meters for water applications. Meinecke meters are now widely used in power, municipal, agricultural and commercial applications where monitoring and totalizing of hot and cold water usage is critical. Available in ANSI/DIN 150 LB flanges in sizes from 1-1/2 inch to 12 inch, Meinecke meters can be outfitted ...

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Mechanical Drive Turbines. Wabash Power owns and stocks an extensive inventory of surplus diesel, steam, natural gas, duel fuel, and bio fuel turbines from leading manufacturers such as General Electric, Siemens Westinghouse, Allis Chalmers, Dresser Rand, Elliott, and Solar Turbines.

Design and Function of a Turbocharger - Turbine ...

The turbocharger turbine, which consists of a turbine wheel and a turbine housing, converts the engine exhaust gas into mechanical energy to drive the compressor. The gas, which is restricted by the turbine's flow cross-sectional area, results in a pressure and temperature drop between the …

Mechanical (Turbines and Auxiliary Equipment) - 1st Edition

Modern Power Station Practice, Volume 3: Mechanical (Turbines and Auxiliary Equipment) focuses on the development of turbines and auxiliary equipment used in power stations in Great Britain. Topics covered include thermodynamics and steam turbine theory; turbine auxiliary systems such as lubrication systems, feed water heating systems, and the ...

Steam Turbine Mechanical Drives - Convergence Training

The steam turbine generators used today produce approximately 85% of the electricity in the United States. In a typical turbine, steam flows in at a speed near 100 miles per hour and at temperatures from 400 to 950 degrees Fahrenheit.

Career Map: Mechanical Engineer | Department of Energy

In the wind industry, mechanical engineers work across each sector to provide technical expertise and support, ensuring continuous improvements in the research, design, production, installation, operation and maintenance of the mechanical products, equipment, systems and processes of a wind turbine …

Wind Turbine Mechanical Engineer Jobs, Employment |

194 Wind Turbine Mechanical Engineer jobs available on Apply to Wind Turbine Technician, Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Designer and more!

Mechanical Governors for Steam Turbines -

Mechanical Governors for Steam Turbines. Turbine manufacturers and users depend on Woodward hydraulic-mechanical governors to provide reliable and precise control of turbine speed and output in virtually every type of turbine application. Available in work output ratings from 10.8 inch-pounds up to 500 foot-pounds, Woodward governors are used ...

Gas turbine - Wikipedia

Industrial gas turbines for mechanical drive. Industrial gas turbines that are used solely for mechanical drive or used in collaboration with a recovery steam generator differ from power generating sets in that they are often smaller and feature a dual shaft design as opposed to a single shaft.

Turbine |

Turbine: Turbine, any of various devices that convert the energy in a stream of fluid into mechanical energy. The conversion is generally accomplished by passing the fluid through a system of stationary passages or vanes that alternate with passages consisting of finlike blades attached to a rotor. By

Turbine - Wikipedia

A turbine (from the Latin turbo, a vortex, related to the Greek τύρβη, tyrbē, meaning "turbulence") is a rotary mechanical device that extracts energy from a fluid flow and converts it into useful work. The work produced by a turbine can be used for generating electrical power when combined with a generator.

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Wabash Power is the largest boiler rental company in the world. Boilers are at core of many industrial processes, and Wabash has the inventory and the expertise to get the job done. Whether you have a planned outage or a temporary steam emergency, you can count on our 70 years of experience to deliver the best boiler solution for your process.

Turbine/Mechanical - Jay Industrial Repair

Turbine/Mechanical Steam turbines drive industrial applications including drive boiler fans, boiler feed and water pumps, process and chiller compressors, blast furnace blowers, paper mill line shafts, sugar mill grinders, and generators.

Gas Turbine: Classification and Operation | Mechanical ...

The mechanical efficiency of gas turbines is very high in the range of 90-95%. Power development is based on rotary compo­nents. ii. The overall weight of gas turbine per unit power produced is less. iii. Gas turbine can produce speed as high as 40,000 rpm. iv. Gas turbine does not require a flywheel as torque produced is continuous and uniform.

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Flow Meters and Environmental Sensors for Precision Fluid Measurement. Find a Distributor Contact Us 800-975-8153 . Products. Flow Meters. Industrial Magmeters; Irrigation Magmeters

Steam Turbine Basic Parts - Mechanical Engineering Site

Turbine Casings. The casing shape and construction details depend on whether it is a High Pressure(HP) or Low Pressure (LP) casings. For low and moderate inlet steam pressure up to 120 bar, a single shell casing is used.

Mechanical Drive | GE Power Generation

Mechanical Drive Products. With more than 100 years of experience and innovation, GE’s gas turbines provide reliable, efficient, robust power generation in a full range of mechanical drive applications.

Turbine Maintenance - Rayker Mechanical Services, LLC.

RayKer Mechanical Services is an independent provider of Steam Turbine and Generator services / solutions to industrial markets. This is the result of joint venture between Broeker Engineering and Raymond Haralson.

Introduction to Meinecke ANSI Flanged, Mechanical Turbine ...

Meinecke Flanged Mechanical Turbine Water Meters The turbine flow meter was invented by Reinhard Woltman in 1790. Eighty-Three years later in 1873, H. Meinecke AG (now Sensus Metering Systems) introduced a Mechanical Turbine Water Meter that is generally recognized as one of the original production type “Woltman” style turbine meters.

Mechanical Turbine Engineer Jobs, Employment |

555 Mechanical Turbine Engineer jobs available on Apply to Mechanical Engineer, Design Engineer, Engineer and more!

Mechanical & Systems Engineer - Gas Turbine

The Mechanical & Systems engineer is expected to work primarily on our auxiliary systems (e.g. oil, fuel and ventilation systems) and our structural parts (e.g. skids and enclosures). The main responsibilities are: Execute mechanical design of gas turbine auxiliary systems and components

Mechanical Engineer - Gas Turbine

Mechanical Engineer. Who are we? OPRA Turbines develops and manufactures advanced, clean, low emission gas turbines generating sets based on our own patented technology. Our key markets are 1.5-10 MW power generation solutions for oil and gas, marine and industrial customers.

Wind turbine - ScienceDaily

Aug 03, 2017· A wind turbine is a machine for converting the mechanical energy in wind into electrical energy. If the mechanical energy is used directly by machinery, such …

Mechanical Drive Steam Turbine Solutions – Peter ...

Peter Brotherhood has a global reputation for delivering practical and economic engineering solutions. We are specialists in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of mechanical drive steam turbines from 0.5 MW to 40 MW.

W.C. Branham - Mechanical Wind Turbine Brakes

Mechanical caliper disc brakes are a proven braking solution for light duty wind turbine rotors. Standard Features. Cast or extruded aluminum construction

What is Kaplan Turbine and How It Works? - Mechanical Booster

This turbine was developed in the year 1913 by Viktor Kaplan, who was a Austrian Professor. In his design, he combined automatically adjusted propeller blades and automatically adjusted wicket gates to obtain efficiency over a wide range of water flow and water level. It is also called as propeller turbine and evolved from the Francis Turbine.

How Do Wind Turbines Work? | Department of Energy

This mechanical power can be used for specific tasks (such as grinding grain or pumping water) or a generator can convert this mechanical power into electricity. A wind turbine turns energy in the wind into electricity using the aerodynamic force created by the rotor blades, which work similarly to an airplane wing or helicopter rotor blade.

Mechanical Drive Packages - Products | Solar Turbines

Solar is known as a pioneer in the design and manufacture of reliable, rugged gas turbine systems. Besides powering our own centrifugal compressors, Solar’s gas turbine mechanical drive packages are ideally suited for driving other manufacturers’ rotating equipment, such as gas compressors and pumps used in a variety of applications, including waterflood and crude oil/liquids ...


Aug 28, 2014· MECHANICAL DRIVE TURBINES. ... A turbine, however, is designed to operate efficiently at one point, the design point, which is usually the highest power and/or highest steam flow. The steam nozzles, the key to the turbine’s power, are fixed orifices; and, at conditions other than the design point, the turbine becomes less efficient. ...

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Define turbine. turbine synonyms, turbine pronunciation, turbine translation, English dictionary definition of turbine. turbine top: impulse turbine bottom: reaction turbine n. ... (Mechanical Engineering) any of various types of machine in which the kinetic energy of a moving fluid is converted into mechanical energy by causing a bladed rotor ...

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Turbines for Mechanical Drive TypeMD through the blades from the nozzle it becomes advantageous to collect the steam in a reversing chamber "R" which redirects the steam against the wheel a second time thereby adding the energy of another pass through the blades to the turbine shaft before the ...

Steam Turbine Mechanical Technician -

Steam Turbine Mechanical Technician Certification Program. This certification program is designed to parallel (or even improve upon) the Technician / Representative Programs offered by the OEM to new and previously experienced employees. The primary discipline is directed toward large utility steam turbines.

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