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The 1/4” and 3/8 inch sizes are typically used to cover existing drywall or in areas that require curved walls, and are not used in areas that require strong panels, such as ceilings. 5/8” drywall is normally used in applications where increased fire resistance is desired, or where increased panel strength is a necessity like in high ...

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Gypsum panel products are defined as sheet materials consisting essentially of gypsum. They can be faced with paper or another material, or may be unfaced. Gypsum board, glass-faced sheathing materials with a gypsum core, and unfaced gypsum-based products are all considered to be gypsum …

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created during the cutting of USG gypsum wallboard panels by both the recommended score and snap technique and with the use of a power saw in a 10ft by 10ft room. Gypsum wallboard panels do not release respirable dust in their installed state and therefore do not present any known health hazards when installed and properly maintained.


After the plaster lath fastener or the Gypsum wallboard fastener inspection, the inspector will determine if any additional inspection(s) are required. For drywall or plaster permits issued using the LADBS e-Permit system, the inspector will provide the required inspection signature card …

Sheetrock Firecode Core 5/8 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. Gypsum ...

Sheetrock Brand Firecode Core 5/8 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. Gypsum Board offers easy installation and almost immediate decoration. Panels are easy to score and snap. Their fire-resistant gypsum core provides additional fire resistance over regular panels. They feature tapered long edges for easy finishing. Intended for fire-rated applications

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Use Gold Bond® ®brand ®eXP Interior Extreme Gypsum Panels wherever gypsum board is specified in interior applications for the entire project, wood or metal framing, that require increased resistance to incidental moisture. These gypsum panels consist of a moisture- and mold-resistant gypsum core

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4 USG Sheetrock® Brand Firecode® X Gypsum Panels combine all the advantages of regular panels with additional resistance to fi re exposure. Consult local building codes for fi re-resistance requirements. 5 USG Sheetrock® Brand UltraLight Panels Firecode 30® are ideal for interior applications where 5/8" Type X panels are not required.

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Drywall In Fire-Resistive Construction. There are two areas in residential construction where one-hour fire resistive construction is required. One area is the wall separating an attached garage from the living area, and the other is enclosed usable space (walls and ceilings) under a stairway.

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Safety Data Sheet GYPSUM SDS no. MI11249 Version 1 Revision date 30/Jul/2015 Supersedes date None 1. Identification of the substance/preparation and of the Company/undertaking 1.1 Product identifier Product name GYPSUM Product code MI11249 Synonyms GIPS, MultiGips, Stuckgips, Gips Szpachlowy, Gips Budowlany

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Dens® Solutions are industry trusted, high-performing fiberglass mat gypsum panels suitable for your wall, roof, ceiling and floor projects. Dens Solutions carry the mark of our valued heritage in Gold, as a visible standard-bearer of our position as the first manufacturer to create a fiberglass mat board and as a relentless innovator of ...

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So, step by step, the 3D gypsum panels are glued to the whole wall. If it is necessary to cut a sheet, then it is easy to make a regular saw. In conclusion, it should be said that 3D gypsum panels are fragile enough, so you need to work with them carefully, especially be careful of the angles from falling.

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American Gypsum's Submittal Sheets are in the Adobe PDF format. You will need Acrobat Reader to view these documents.


3. Factory laminate from two 25 mm (1-inch) thick gypsum panels with top panel edge set back along sub-purlin edge not more than 13 mm (1/2-inch). 4. Edge encased in water-resistant paper. D. Gypsum Deck Panels: ASTM C1396, Type "X", 16 mm (5/8-inch) …

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A building’s interior is the sum of its materials and the expertise that created it. Build yours with Dens ® Solutions’ industry-trusted, high-performing fiberglass mat-faced gypsum panels and the ToughRock ® family of paper-faced gypsum panels. The enhanced moisture resistance of Dens ® Solutions interior gypsum panels make them ideal for use in high-humidity areas.

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May 01, 2019· Gypsum, a natural mineral in crystalline form, is a hydrous sulfate of calcium. Gypsum board contains a gypsum rock core sandwiched between two layers of special paper. In fire-resistant panels, required for many types of construction, glass fibres are mixed with the gypsum base. Panels manufactured with an aluminum backing are used for insulation.


Not subject to reporting requirements under Section 313. Status under TSCA (as of May 1997) Some substances in gypsum are on the TSCA inventory list. Status under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act Gypsum is a "hazardous substance" subject to statutes promulgated under the subject act. Status under California Proposition 65

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For commercial buildings, fire rated gypsum drywall is specified for most of the building walls and ceilings to meet building code requirements for fire partitions and assemblies. These fire rated partitions and assemblies provide life safety for the buildings occupants. Not sure if you need fire rated drywall in your home construction project?

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Gypsum panels and decorative molding for interior and exterior applications. ... The required hazard evaluation of the waste and compliance with the applicable hazardous waste laws are the responsibility ... Gypsum Board Products ...

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Lead lined drywall from Radiation Protection Products is constructed of fire code sheetrock and pure lead for durability and effective radiation shielding. We offer lead lined gypsum in various sizes and thicknesses and offer laminated gypsum board for specialty applications. Request a quote for …

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Sheetrock® Brand Gypsum Panels are the original and most widely used 1/4 in., 3/8 in. and 1/2 in. wall and ceiling panels on the market. These panels are manufactured with a noncombustible core encased in recycled face and back papers, and the natural finish face paper is folded around the long edges to protect the core and the ends are cut square and even.

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Gypsum panels are also economical and easy to install. Kamco supplies a wide variety of gypsum panels formulated for moisture resistance, sag resistance, added strength, and more. Contact us today to discuss the gypsum panels and other building supplies you need.

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Description USG Sheetrock® Brand AR Gypsum Panels were designed and tested to offer greater resistance to surface indentation and impact damage than standard USG Sheetrock® Gypsum Panels. These abuse-resistant gypsum panels are a low-cost alternative to other systems for partitions that require greater impact resistance.


Envirowall pre-finished gypsum panels are available in 34 colours/patterns from our stock program. Envirowall also offers lamination of custom finishes allowing the design community a …

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11.16 Gypsum Manufacturing 11.16.1 Process Description1-2 Gypsum is calcium sulfate dihydrate (CaSO4 2H2O), a white or gray naturally occurring mineral. Raw gypsum ore is processed into a variety of products such as a portland cement additive, soil conditioner, industrial and building plasters, and gypsum wallboard. To produce plasters or

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Gypsum Plasterboard False Ceiling System. The gypsum plasterboard false ceiling is a monolithic suspended system that allows you to achieve a beautiful , homogeneous appearance and a smooth finish without any visible joints. Curves, steps and other designer ceiling options can …

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1/2 Panels Recommended for single-layer application in residential construction. 3/8 Panels Lightweight, applied principally in the double-wall system over wood framing, and in repair and remodeling. 1/4 Panels Lightweight, low-cost, utility gypsum panels, used as base layer for improving sound control in double-

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The following SDSs are ready to download.To request Safety Data Sheets for other products, or if you are unsure which sheet you need, please use the SDS Request Form.Requests are processed within one business day.

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Drywall (also known as plasterboard, wallboard, sheet rock, gyprock, gypsum board, or gypsum panel) is a panel made of calcium sulfate dihydrate (), with or without additives, typically extruded between thick sheets of facer and backer paper, used in the construction of interior walls and ceilings. The plaster is mixed with fiber (typically paper, fiberglass, asbestos, or a combination of ...

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Gypsum Fact Sheet.docx Page 2 of 4 Most naturally occurring gypsums are coarse. Coarse gypsum takes longer to dissolve, which may be either advantageous or disadvantageous. A fine particle size may be of importance where gypsum is dissolved in irrigation water, or a quick response is required. USES OF GYPSUM

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Mar 13, 2019· Gypsum sheet is made up of POP, 12mm thick sheet in size of 8 feet x 4 feet. 95% home owners use gypsum for false ceiling, because it makes work faster and easier than P.O.P. Gypsum ceiling work as a insulation layer and save energy on your Air condition bill. Number of design patterns are possible with gypsum board.

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Aug 12, 2016· How is gypsum plasterboard ceiling better than POP false ceiling? To install a gypsum plasterboard ceiling, an array of gypsum plasterboards are screw-fixed to a metal frame/ lattice connected to the soffit. Large sheets of gypsum require very few joints and are then finished using a special jointing compound that dries quickly.

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USG Sheetrock Brand Fire code C Gypsum Panels are UL-Listed (Type C) for application in fire-rated construction and comply with Type X requirements. Systems using USG Sheetrock Brand Fire code C Gypsum Panels qualify for fire ratings of up to 4-hours in walls, 3-hours in ceilings and 4-hours for column protection.

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Using 3D gypsum panels, you can effectively zonate space, emphasize the beauty of columns, niches, and other protruding wall elements. Often, gypsum wall panels are used to decorate the head of the bed, apron kitchen or part of the wall (behind the TV, fireplace, aquarium, other interior items that require an additional bright accent).

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